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Nov 2014 13
Jun 2015 05

Make the Change (Single) / Also include on Nao’s debut album ‘The Light’ Nao’s 2nd album, “Rising” will be released jointly in Japan by SWEET SOUL RECORDS and Yamaha Music Communications on April 8, 2015. The stage has been set for this talented young singer, Japan’s soul music representative, to spread her wings and take […]

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May 2015 18

Singer/Songwriter Nao Yoshioka  lands on U.S soil. SWEET SOUL RECORDS in Japan and the Purpose Music Group, through its distribution arm NIA, have partnered to release Nao’s domestic debut release ‘The Light’ on April 28, 2015. The first single “Make the Change” will be released on MARCH 31st. – See more at: http://www.soultracks.com/story-nao-yoshioka-signing#sthash.bgPlg8IP.dpuf Purpose Music […]

Mar 2015 18

Introducing Nao Yoshioka the Japanese soul singer who advanced to the “Top Dog”round at The Apollo Theater, and Japan’s Soul Music Representative Japanese progressive soul singer Nao Yoshioka combines a powerful voice and NewYork-powered form of delivery to create a modern taste still deeply rooted in the history of soul. In the two and a half […]

Machado 2
Mar 2015 07

Marcus Machado & Steve Hartley – Stone Power Players Sessions (Part 3) from Marcus Machado on Vimeo. —– MARCUS MACHADO in ROLLING STONE Magazine- Young Guns Winner WHO: Marcus Machado wasn’t born with a guitar in his crib, but at age two, when other kids were learning to walk and speak, he began strumming on his family’s acoustics. He moved to […]